The rise of casual workwear

Providing high quality printed and embroidered garments is what we do best. Throughout the years we have satisfied many customers with our merchandise, catering for a myriad of special requests. Supplying an impressive range of clothing, including the likes of custom hoodies, we strive to deliver you a solution that works for your company. Well priced and appropriate for an array of sectors, you can't go wrong with our products.

Casual clothes in work environments have been becoming more and more common since the early 90s. During 1992, introducing casual days into the workplace was something that roughly 24% of businesses did. In 1999 however, this figure shot up dramatically to 95%. At present, the choice to don attire that is more casual is given to those employees that do not encounter vendors or partners by about 90% of companies.

Due to this trend of casual clothing gaining a greater presence in the workplace, the available number of clothing variants has also escalated. These days, it's far easier to procure the correct type of casual garments to suit different roles and workplaces. The variety is substantial and is able to cater for all sizes, ages, and for both women and men. Notable examples include custom hoodies, sweatshirts, and fleeces.

Not only are these kinds of casual attire more comfortable for their wearers, but there is also the option to embroider and print them with slogans and logos of your choosing. This approach enables one to personalise workwear and adds another dimension to branding and promotion.

At Anagi Embroidery & Screen Printing, in addition to custom hoodies, we also stock a plethora of other garments as well. As our name states, we can embroider, screen-print or add heat transfer prints to the products. Whatever your specifications are, we'll do everything that we can to meet them and always work hard to deliver the very best in terms of quality and price.

Blog Posted: 21/04/2017

Posted by: Andy